Most common plumbing emergencies in Melbourne

Some of the most common plumbing emergencies are about clogged drains, broken pipes and gas leaks. When this happens people usually get into a state of panic and call for an emergency plumber. While it is ironic to note that these emergencies could have been avoided in the first place. One of the major reason why something like this happens is attributed to plumbing negligence. Just the way we get our cars and air-conditioners serviced on a regular basis, it’s just as important to having plumbing maintenance carried out regularly.

Proper maintenance would ensure that all the plumbing is in good order and there are no emergencies. Spotting problems early on means that these can be rectified before these become a full blown emergency.

The following are some common plumbing emergencies during which emergency plumbing services in Melbourne can help.

  • Broken or damaged pipes. The major concern until the plumber arrives should be to contain the water flow. Make sure you find the water supply valve in your home and shut it down. This would prevent the water from flooding your home. Run the cold water valves until no water flows from them. The plumber would then make sure that they repair the burst section of the pipe.
  • Frozen pipes can be a problem as well. The constant freeing of the pipe can cause those to burst. Make sure that the pipe ha not burst. If it looks okay, take measures to thaw it off. You can use hot water bottle to achieve this. In order to prevent this from happening altogether, the pipe should be kept insulated using an insulation over throughout the year. It would prevent the pipes from getting too heated up.
  • Plumbing fixtures which have dirt and debris trapped inside can also clog the drainage system and lead to a myriad of plumbing issues. It best to ensure that the area surrounding the pipes or drain remains clean.
  • In case the drains or the toilets become blocked, it’s best to make use of a plunger to get rid of the obstruction. If despite using these tools, you are unable to get rid of the blockage, make sure you call an emergency plumber.
  • Another emergency which should be attend to immediately is a leaking gas pipe. If you can small the gas in your home, it would be best to evacuate the place and call in the emergency plumbing in Melbourne. If possible do turn off the gas valve.

Make sure you hire the right emergency plumbers in Melbourne to handle all of the above mentioned issue. It’s always best to have the number of an emergency plumber handy. You never know when you might face an issue like this. However, in order to make sure there are no plumbing emergencies it’s better to have a maintenance check done on the water and gas pipes every six months or so. The plumbers would be able to handle smaller issues with ease and this would prevent a major emergency in the long run.