Is it necessary to conduct a building and pest inspection?

While going for a building and pest inspection can seem like an added expense, anyone looking to move into a new space should consider it as mandatory. When you are about to seal the deal for the new property, you know you are about to make the biggest financial decision of your life. This is why it’s so very important to know that what you are buying is actually worth all which you are about to spend.

When a building inspector carries out the inspection, they are going to provide you with a detailed report. This report would cover minor structural damages to a more intensive damage if it’s present. Also such a document becomes a valuable tool for future negotiations with the sellers. If the report finds some damage, this can be used to bring down the price of the property or the building.

When a building and pest inspection in Gold Coast should be carried out?

Before you sign the papers or enter into a contract for buying the property, building inspections need to be carried out. However, it is not the case for every property on the market. For example a property which is consider a hot commodity on the market and has several interested buyers, wouldn’t be the ideal building for inspection. The seller would definitely be in a hurry and would want to make sure they get the best sale for their building.

However, if you do get a chance to buy such a property and the seller is willing to allow a building inspection, it should become an important clause in the contract. Also if you are about to buy a property which is going to be auctioned off, it’s better to conduct the inspection before the actual date of the auction. If you fail to conduct an inspection before the auction you might find it difficult to do so after wards.

Anyone looking to sell a building has no responsibility pointing out the flaws in the building. It is completely up to the seller to conduct the inspection. Buyers should pay attention to the material and the non-material issues in the inspection report.

Difference between material and nonmaterial issues

If you find material faults in the inspection report, these can be a cause of major concern. However, just because you find material faults doesn’t mean you need to call off the deal. In fact these can actually work in the buyers favor by allowing them to carry out negotiations which would bring down the cost price.

Materials faults refer to termite infestations. While these may seem like a big deal but timely intervention through fumigation services can help resolve the issue. Also structural and electrical fault come under material issues.

On the other hand non material faults are not a big deal and can be replaced with ease. These include broken tiles or plumbing issues like leaking taps etc.

Make sure you talk to a reliable building and pest inspection service in Gold Coast.