Tips for choosing caravan awnings

If you are an avid camping fan you may already be aware that 90% of the caravans have an awning attached to them. Although it is not essential to have an awning attached to the caravan, however these can help by enhancing your experience and allowing your more living space as well as extra storage space.

You can easily sit under the shade when you are eating or simply relaxing under the sun. It even helps provide protection from the elements and can even serve as an annex if you are looking for some kind of privacy.

Some people prefer tent camping to caravanning, if you too prefer it you would definitely benefit from buying Caravan awning for sale.

Choosing different kind of caravan awnings

If you do not have an idea regarding whether you should choose a full awning or a porch awning, read on to get an idea about it.

A porch awning gives you extra space but it can also prevent you the trouble of transporting a bulky and full awning from one place to another. Another benefit of using a porch awning is that it is easier to setup and can easily be backed up in about less than 10 minutes. These are considerably smaller when compared to full awnings. If you are a large family which is out camping it is often better to go for a full sized awning for the Caravan.

On the other hand if you are looking for extra space for example if you plan to dine out right beside your Caravan you would also need enough space to accommodate the tables and chairs. Also if you are looking to maximize the storage space so that you can put away your camping equipment then a full-sized awning is always the best option.

Choosing the right kind of fabric

When it comes to picking of fabric for the awning you should know that there is a whole lot of variety that is available. It all depends on how and when you plan to use the awning and whether you are using it frequently or simply on a monthly basis. For most people a lightweight polyester proves to have more advantages. The first being that it is lightweight and easy to handle and construct as well as pack away.

The heavier high quality fabric is well suited for long term use and it can last for decades when cared for properly. You can even choose to buy acrylic awnings which are expensive at high quality and tend to be more taut and rigid. These offer better protection from the weather.

Choosing the frame

There is a variety of awning frames which are made up of steel, aluminum and glass fiber. You might need to buy a sturdier frame if the fabric of your awning is too heavy. Make sure you consider all of these factors in mind when contact Kakadu Annexes to buy your caravan awnings.