Timber Floor Sanding- How does it work?

Timber floor sanding includes removing the top surface of a wooden floor. Abrasive materials are used to remove this layer. When the floor starts looking worn out, most people have it sanded. Floor sanding involves three stages, namely, preparation, adding and coating. The coating involves an application of the sealant which helps protect the sanded floor and makes it look all polished and shiny.

If you want to look into timber floorsanding, here are some things you need to know.

Preparation and the process for timber floor sanding

The floor is first prepare before it’s sanded. The nails which are sticking out of the floor are pushed down with the help of a hammer. Exposed nails can damage the sanding machine and need to be removed. Also the adhesive which has been used to stick a covering to the floor need to be removed as well. Once the preparation is complete, sanding is started. Coarse grit papers are used. This helps make the floor flat.

Sanding can also be carried out using different equipment. These include:

  • Drum sanders which work with the help of a large 220 volt belt. Drum sanders are a preferred choice because these give a much smoother finish.
  • Sand paper is not a preferred choice for deep sanding because these can leave a mark.
  • A buffer is then used to complete the process. Once the sanding is completed a sealant or a stain is applied to the floor to give it a polished look.

However, the edges and the corners of the floor are unreachable through the machine and would require being sanded with the help of grit paper.

It should be kept in mind though that timber floor sanding can only be carried out if the floor can take the sanding. Sometimes when you sand the boards it reveals a worm eaten core. There is no option but to replace the floor because now the appearance of the floor could be completely ruined.

Things to keep in mind before floor sanding

  • Don’t always wait for the longest time to get the floor sanded. A floor which has become too worn isn’t ideal for sanding and might become too thin during the sanding process.
  • Most people don’t want their floors to be sanded because they fear the dust or the amount of debris which results during the sanding process. However, it should be kept in mind that when you hire the right sanding services, they would make sure that the job is completed in less than a day.
  • It’s better to go for a water based finish. It’s odorless and is environment friendly. On the other hand oil based finish does contain harmful fumes and may require the family to switch home for more than a week or so.
  • It better to hire professional services for floor sanding instead of turning it into a do it yourself project. The have the right kind of equipment to ensure quality work and can help you save a great deal of time.