How to Find a Great Roofing Contractor in Centreville, Virginia

As a single female homeowner, I’ve always dreaded house repairs. Not necessarily because of the cost, but because I don’t know enough about house repairs to realize if I’m being taken advantage of, or played for a homeowner’s fool. And yet, not too long ago, due to storms and the age of my roof, I was forced into replacing my entire roof to prevent further damage to my home. So speaking with a little experience under my belt, I’d like to share with you some nuggets on how to find a legitimate roofing contractor right here in Centreville, VA.

By surveying any neighborhood on virtually any street in America, you’ll notice a wide array of roofing options available. From flat roofs to tin roofs, seeder shakes to tiles, the choices for roof repair or enhancement seem almost limitless. So how do you choose a roofing contractor that’s right for you and your home when everyone and their brother “knows a guy” who can do the job for cheap? Well, grab your coffee and let’s have a little one-on-one chat…

For starters, you should find several (for convenience sake, three) qualified roofing contractors and do a little business check on them. Come right out and ask them, are they licensed, insured and bonded? If an answer from them is enough to satisfy your curiosity, wonderful. But, I would highly recommend that you contact your state’s local contractor’s licensing department to verify that information as well.

Almost every state now has an online database with an up-to-date licensing information site (ie including: company name, owner, address, what they’re licensed to do, if they are current with their workman’s comp insurance, and if their license is valid. Once you’ve cleared that hurdle, check out the company with the BBB in your area and find out how they rate…do they hold an A+ or an F rating? You will certainly want to know if other consumers have had issues with a contractor before you hand over your hard-earned money.

Ask each of the three companies to drive out and give you a written estimate. Notice things like: if they’re on time, if they’re dressed neatly, if you’re comfortable around them, and if they can they give you a timeframe of when they could get to your roof repair and how long it will take to complete. Once you have all three estimates and their accompanying notes in hand, review them – but don’t get stuck on price alone. Factor in all of the information you’ve gathered before making a final decision.

Now for those of you in the Centreville, Virginia area, I KNOW of an excellent roofing contractor right here in our own back yard! (and our company recommends them too) – JG Roofing┬áhas been in business for over three generations and is still going strong – even in today’s down economy, which is a feat in and of itself! They are so highly regarded that not only do they pass the litmus test for business licenses, insurance and bonding, but they hold an A+ rating with the BBB. Does it really get any better than that? I think not. But…

If you’re a diehard, detail-oriented, get-it-in-writing type person (as I am) and still aren’t convinced on their ability, then invite them over for a free consultation and a free estimate. They’ll be happy to drive over to discuss your roofing needs! JG Roofing handles all roofing repairs (including emergency repairs), offer quality work at a fair price, and they’re experienced in all types of roofing and roofing materials. So when you need a little sprucing up, or maybe even a big fix-it-up, call JG Roofing. And if you are very particular in finding a contractor that will surely take off your roofing worries or any home discomfort you are having, you can talk to one of the rising best contractors in VA.


We take this opportunity to thank our new staff for this writeup, thanks Chelle!