How to Cut Metal Corrugated Roofing Panels

Knowing how to cut metal corrugated roofing panels quickly and easily is a key skill when installing a metal roof. In order to make accurate cuts, plan on renting a power shear. This tool will help cut through the roofing panels without binding or creating a jagged cut. Using a power sheer to cut corrugated roofing panels is also easier than using tin snips, the other corrugated metal cutting method.

Step #1

Find a work surface that will accommodate the size of the metal roofing panels that you are using. Place the corrugated metal roofing panel on this surface.

Step #2

Use a permanent marker and a measuring tape to make a mark on the corrugated roofing panel, indicating where to cut.

Step #3

Place a carpenter’s square on the mark and extend the mark into a cut line with the use of a permanent marker. Using the carpenter’s square will ensure that the line is square against the panel. If you do not need a square cut, angle and extend the line as necessary to fit your specific plan for your metal corrugated roof.

Step #4

With a power sheer plugged in, but not turned on, align the teeth of the power sheer along the cut line you have just drawn. Slowly depress the power sheer’s trigger to turn on the device and start cutting.

IMPORTANT: Always wear safety glasses and gloves when cutting corrugated metal roofing panels. The cut edges especially will be very sharp, so be very careful when installing any cut corrugated metal.

Step #5

Slowly advance the blade of the power sheer, allowing the teeth and blade to do the work before advancing the blade. Moving too quickly will cause the power sheer to bind.

TIP: If possible, a helper wearing safety glasses and gloves should help hold the corrugated metal into place while it is being cut.

Step #6

If the power sheer binds despite your best efforts while cutting the corrugated metal roofing panel, tilt the blade slightly to change the cutting angle. As you cut the corrugated metal panels, you will naturally find the best angle to prevent binding.