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Home Landscaping: The Impact of Grass Type, Nitrogen & Earthworms

Whether you are selling real estate or simply want to create a more pleasing curb appeal to your home, the foundation for that curb appeal will lie, primarily, in techniques used to care for the lawn. Being familiar with your grass type and what insects and worms are beneficial to your yard are all important aspects of creating that beautiful luscious green landscape.

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Landscaping with California Native Plants

Designing California urban landscaping using California’s native plants will conserve water, reduce chemical fertilizer and pesticide use, and decrease the risk of fire while helping save this unique flora. Most native species need very little water beyond the normal rainfall and require minimal maintenance because they are well adapted to California’s many climate conditions.

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Ten Landscaping Myths Busted!

We all have encountered below myths and we at least once wondered if they were actually true. You were very familiar at these especially if you are also into landscaping or DIY. So decide after reading this. Logical facts are explained for you to realize. Hence, they were called myths.

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